Monday, 21 September 2009

Just Initial introduction - what I've done previous

I'm Rebecca, I'm a bit of a cartoon fan, hopeful potential animator and general artist.

3D I'm not really big on at the moment: I have dabbled in the past and over the summer I have been trying to work on Maya. Thought I'ld post previous experience before starting on the tutorials. As I may also add posts on Maya as I go along to chart my progress. (Maya is needed for Matchmoving this term also)

First tutorial for Maya: This was rather as I had done this sort of inital design in Blender once before.

Second Tutorial on Maya's documentation is much more tricky. I understand how to work with polygons but stuck at a roadblock currently because the edges between the head and mouth-piece wont bridge.Has admittedly been a bit of a de-motivator for progress with Maya.

The Blender tutorials seem to be at a slightly lower level: looking forward to them!

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