Thursday, 29 October 2009

Fruit Candy

Been playing with Icospheres to make apples. I made the apple then gave it dips and bumps before subdividing and subsurfing. I then made the stalk of the apple using a beizer curve and extrude. I edited each apple to make them look unique

For the plate I made a cube, deleted most of it then made extra vertices in a line, I then span that line in repeat 360 steps to make a full plate. Using the special double removal option to clean up, I then extruded the plate up to give it some depth

The banana was created separate to avoid risk of effecting the apples or plate, I used a background image for reference and started with a box to practice Box-Modelling. I extruded and shaped the segments till it the entire shape was made, I then smoothed and subsurfed it and scaled it using Y-axis

I had a problem with the texture, I wanted it to map to an image but this simply wasn't happening, may try again sometime once I have better knowledge of textures so I used just part of a banana for texture.

It makes the banana look more like candy than a real banana but at least it looks like something! I then opened the fruitbowl file and used append to move the banana into the file (for future note - for appending, import the Object not the Mesh!)

Volia the finished model: Looks sweet enough, realism didnt quite win this time but the battle shall continue!

Aint no Mountain High Enough

Messing about with Proportional editing and various types of Peaks - Quite pleased how this turned out though it horribly reminds me of the version of the moon seen in Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out

(Yes this was totally an excuse to post a Wallace and Gromit picture - though maybe I'ld like to try making a model version of this scene in the near future....)

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Blender Basics 2: The Pill

So here's the next tutorial parts, today playing with editing tools on meshes.

For this tutorial we are making a nice simple (and easy to swallow) pill

For this I made a sphere and chopped it in half in editing mode (A to deselect B to box select and X to delete) via selection then extruded it (E) and closed the other side (Shift + F) before duplicating (shift + D) and rotating (R) to make the other half, using scale (S) to make it a little bigger and the materials tab (F5) to create simple colour textures. I then used smoothing to make the Pill look more smooth and rounded.

Fairly easy tutorial again, still taking in the various commands that make up Blender but I'm catching on fairly well! I also played around with the rendering tools - in particular the anti-aliasing (known as Oversampling or OSA for short in Blender).

I also attempted the challenge in creating the Salt Cellar. Simple
enough, same deal as creating first half of the pill but deleting bottom half of sphere rather than side and using scale to make the extrude slide outwards