Tuesday, 10 November 2009


A bit of UV mapping using a tutorial : [link here]

I made an Icosphere and then selected the middle and made a split (Ctrl-E -> Mark Seam) then went into UV/Image Editor and loaded the earth image. I then unwrapped (select all - U key) the mesh and scaled and resized it so it fit the image. Then I made a material and selected texmap to make the mapped image render. To finish off I smoothed the sphere and subsurfed then added stars on the world option

Going back to something simpler - I made a plane to make a floor then a sphere slightly suspended and put a spotlight in with a halo with a red coloured light

I made a room with planes then seeked out a checker board texture. Once that was applied I then added various spotlights in different colours and positioned them in various areas

Lastly some material experiment - including wireframe, alpha (transparency), light reflection and texture presets.

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